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Keeping toys out of landfills

Think about the volume of toys manufactured each year…millions and millions of toys crafted for the entertainment of children around the world.  However, anyone with children knows how quickly a new toy can collect dust and eventually join the pile of soon-to-be discarded toys constantly growing larger. With global toy sales accounting for more than USD 84 billion each year, this represents a significant amount of potential waste, but why waste what can be used in a sensible manner?

On a planet of finite resources, the circular economy is not optional, it is inevitable.

Using resource efficiently can be as simple as a relative simple change to existing habit (and mindset) and could bring enormous environmental benefits.

“A circular economy is one that is restorative by design, and which aims to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value at all times, distinguishing between technical and biological cycles” The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

What if we would teach kids the importance of sharing in their early years? What if we could help them embrace circular economy while they are growing?

Relax! When I say circular economy I am certainly not going to talk about closed-loop production or cradle to cradle concepts (OK, follow the link if the words got you intrigued)

No, I am just trying to expose the simple view of an average family mom, concerned by the incredible amount of waste that is going on in the wonderland of toys.

Instead of getting caught up in this cycle of buy-use-discard, what can we do to free up space in our houses and drastically lessen the environmental impact of our little ones?

Solutions are certainly many and diverse, after all human creativity is limitless. My very own proposition is a toy rental service and I hope to share with you my thoughts and feelings while I ride this road and discover how to effectively and successfully accomplish that.

This is a journey, there will be imperfections and shortcomings but I believe that where there is a will there is a way and I am fully dedicated to make this happen and to learn from it.

Do not hesitate to stop by to say hi or to give me suggestions that you may have, I would really enjoy your company during the journey.