EcoSmart tips for your toys shopping list

Choosing the toys that our child would be playing with can sometimes be overwhelming.

On the shelves there are thousands of toys claiming to make our kids smarter and to gear them up for a soon to be career within the coolest institutions (NASA, MIT, yourfavoritecompanynamehere).

Even though these toys may play a role in your child’s education, you can end up spending a lot of money and stockpiling a ton of clutter but not receiving a lot of educational value. Continue Reading →

Keeping toys out of landfills

Think about the volume of toys manufactured each year…millions and millions of toys crafted for the entertainment of children around the world.  However, anyone with children knows how quickly a new toy can collect dust and eventually join the pile of soon-to-be discarded toys constantly growing larger. With global toy sales accounting for more than USD 84 billion each year, this represents a significant amount of potential waste, but why waste what can be used in a sensible manner? Continue Reading →